President, RFG Advisory

“Have a servant heart and warrior mindset.”

Most registered investment advisers love dealing with clients and managing money; a lot don’t enjoy everything else that’s involved in managing an advisory business. Enter Shannon Spotswood, an experienced investment banker, hedge fund manager and most recently, luxury children’s clothing entrepreneur. Wanting to return to finance after moving to Birmingham, Alabama, to be closer to family, she met the founder and CEO of her firm through a neighbor. Spotswood saw in RFG, a $2 billion hybrid advisory firm, an opportunity to use her skills to build a company that provides other RIA firms with every type of support they need. “I’m comfortable living on the edge of cutting-edge tech,” says Spotswood, who views RFG as a service company first, a tech company second and an RIA third.

Supportive of education, she created StrongHer Money, a website to help women by providing information and support, and will serve as the next chairman of the educational foundation for Birmingham’s public schools.

— Evan Cooper