Partner and investment advisor, Archer Investment Management

“Be patient.”

Let’s get real. That’s the core of Nina O’Neal’s message for her clients and for other women financial advisers. Now a partner at Archer Investment Management, a hybrid firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, O’Neal recalls being interested in the stock market from the days when her grandfather taught her newspaper ticker symbols. She worked for an institutional money manager in New York after college and moved back home in 2006, getting a job as a wirehouse rep; in 2009, her current business partner asked her to join him.

As the mother of two, O’Neal understands that managing both a career and family is a challenge, and she helped create a video series, “The Juggle is Real,” to dispel myths and offer practical advice. To empower, support and encourage women in the business, she also founded The Female Advisor Network. The culture of the financial services business is changing, she says, “and it needs to change.”

— Evan Cooper