Frieda Lewis

Frieda Lewis

Chief commercial diversity officer, Broadridge Financial Solutions

With more than 30 years in the industry, Frieda Lewis has done a lot of work around diversity, focusing specifically on women.

In her role at Broadridge Financial Solutions, she reports to the president of sales, marketing and solutions. She does not report to human resources.

“It’s not a ‘check-the-box’ [position]. It’s all about driving business,” she said.

Her firm’s best practices in diversity include:

  • Quarterly executive diversity committee meetings, examining numbers of diverse employees hired, lost or promoted.
  • Sourcing and interviewing a diverse slate of candidates for executive positions.
  • Mentoring and executive sponsoring programs for women with high potential.

In addition, Ms. Lewis started a women’s leadership forum, with worldwide chapters, which provides networking, education and visibility.
What should women do to help themselves?

“Speak up. Believe in yourself, raise that hand and go for it,” she said. “I did. I’m still doing it.”
— Deborah Nason