Amy Yun Zhang

Amy Yun Zhang

SVP/ Portfolio Manager, Fred Alger & Co.

Born in Shanghai, Amy Yun Zhang received a prestigious scholarship to the U.S. as a teenager. She represents a tradition of strong women in her family. Her grandmother achieved fame as a professor and senior engineer at a Tungsten bulb factory; and her mother, a chemical engineer, instilled in Ms. Zhang a strong work ethic and interest in science.

Hard work paid off in long-term performance. Ms. Zhang has most recently grown a $15 million small-cap fund to more than $4 billion since 2015. She also manages Alger’s new Mid Cap Focus Fund, where she creates alpha through genuine stock selection, rather than closet benchmarking.

“Women should be excited to be portfolio managers or financial advisers, knowing performance will be rewarded,” said Ms. Zhang, who is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

She insists those businesses are meritocracies, where results matter more than gender. Ms. Zhang quotes a Chinese proverb to describe natural talent and tenacity.
“If you are gold, you will shine!” Ms. Zhang said.
— Vanessa Drucker